Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center

Inner Path Yoga & Meditation Center

If you have been reviewing our numerous websites you have perhaps seen that in Nevada City, California we have a wonderful spiritual center called the Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center. (See The Center includes a yoga studio, meditation room, healing room, lending library, and what’s probably the largest selection of yoga and meditation products in Northern California. It’s open 7 days a week and is a vibrant, active place with classes and events representing a wide range of spiritual teachings.

Our goal for Los Angeles is to create a similarly designed spiritual center in Agoura, and as needed, to develop other centers throughout Southern California. Just like the Nevada City Center, we envision the Agoura Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center to be open every day and busy with a variety of activities. Among its amenities would include a meditation room dedicated to all faiths, a wonderful yoga studio, an extensive lending library of spiritual and health oriented books, and a large boutique with books, statuary, yoga and meditation products, health products, inspiring photos, devotional instruments and more. Among the planned activities include group meditations, hatha yoga and classical yoga training, classes in a variety of spiritual disciplines, spiritual life counseling, healing services, special events, and lively kirtans. Unlike the Nevada City Center (although perhaps this will happen in Nevada City as well) we also plan to include a Sunday Morning Celebration and a unique One World Choir.

The specific location of where we expect the Agoura Center to be situated offers a unique opportunity to have kirtans and concerts. Consequently we plan to offer kirtans and other musical events quite regularly and to host nationally and internationally known musicians.

The One World Choir will invite interested singers to join us in learning uplifting spiritual music from a variety of faiths. It is not meant to be a strictly a Sunday choir but rather one that will share its music in a variety of venues throughout the area.

One might expect, as a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, that I would want to share Yogananda’s teachings exclusively. My sincere understanding, however, is that my Guru wishes me to share the universal essence of yoga and meditation, and to do so by sharing the teaching of various yogic masters and religious disciplines. In this way we seek to honor the diversity of God’s wondrous plan on Earth, and the unifying beauty of each of our souls. Namaste.


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  1. Terrah earth rose
    Terrah earth rose says:

    Hi there, bless.
    I just moved to LA from Nevada City and I’m in need of some of the classes and Kirtan and just community of like minded people. Any suggestions would be so helpful. I would be so grateful.


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