An Introduction to Inner Path Los Angeles

An Introduction to Inner Path Los Angeles

As mentioned in the previous entry (A Little History) there are a number of projects that encompass the work in Los Angeles. During that period in 2001 and 2002, it took some time for the ideas to formulate and then for the proper locations to be found. It’s interesting to me to see how closely they resemble some of the first inspirations I received in Ojai in the 1980’s.

You would think that Spirit would be disappointed that it’s taking so long to bring these ideas to fruition. I know I’ve certainly felt uneasy about it at times. But I’ve come to see the wonderful Divine Hand that allows every action to unfold in its perfect time. Mother doesn’t miss a thing and has control of every second of our life, every beat of our heart. We need only to stay attuned. To paraphrase a saying by Yogananda, “Be ceaseless in your effort to love and serve God, and be patient.” All Good Things come in their due time.

A Project Overview:

In totality the projects represent the development of a community of yoga. At the same time, they should also be considered as separate but interrelated projects, and for some of them, as templates, to be replicated at other locations throughout California and elsewhere.

Some of these projects are expected to be developed in Agoura, California, in a quiet wooded canyon along Triunfo Canyon Road. Listed below is a brief description of some of the major projects that have been envisioned. A much broader understanding can be found in each of their separate sections within this website.

Triunfo Canyon Projects:

World Peace Gardens – An inspiring ashram and meditation center focused around the creation of beautiful gardens, each of which honors one of the major world religions.

Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat – A retreat center emphasizing yoga, meditation, ayurveda and a healthy lifestyle.

Seva House – A transitional house providing life skill development and yoga and meditation training to young adults.

Prayer Mountain – A pilgrimage mountain top for prayer and meditation with an inspiring view of the ocean and far horizon.

Other Projects in the General Area:

Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center – A yoga and meditation center that includes healing rooms, lending library and a beautiful boutique.

Whole Life Shopping Center – A shopping center with all the services you need to maintain an uplifted lifestyle. (A project of Rajarshi Social Enterprises.)

One World Community – Apartment and neighborhood communities for those who practice yoga and meditation. (A project of Rajarshi Social Enterprises.)

One World Retirement and Hospice Center – A sensitive and uplifting environment for the aged and those nearing transition. (A project of Rajarshi Social Enterprises.)

Education for Life School – A private school that emphasizes character and consciousness development as well as academic excellence.

Projects Suitable for Replication:

As mentioned above, our hope and expectation is that many of these projects will be replicated in other locations throughout California and elsewhere.

Your Help is Needed:

As of this writing, each of these projects is in the development stage. Your support and participation would be greatly appreciated. Use the Contact section of this website to share your thoughts and ways you can help. The time is coming near for the fruition of these wonderful ideas.

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