Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat

Triunfo Health & Yoga Retreat

Our vision for the Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat is a facility that offers life changing health therapies, lifestyle education, and an understanding of how to apply the full spectrum of yogic principles to one’s life.

The expected location for this retreat has already been developed as a retreat center and is somewhat turn-key ready. Located on 48 acres, the retreat property includes a club house, accommodations for 30, each with their own bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining hall, a tennis court, swimming pool and other amenities. The year-round Triunfo Creek and beautiful large oak trees provide a natural setting.

The Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat will be under the direction of a licensed medical provider and be approved by numerous health insurance programs. Although open to all who seek a healthier lifestyle, many people coming to the retreat will be there with life-threatening or long term illnesses. Fundamental lifestyle principles proven to achieve optimum health will be in place to help meet their needs. Among the programs offered will be those to deal with such specific conditions as high blood pressure, stress and nervous disorders, diabetes, overweight, heart disease, immune system problems and high cholesterol. In creating this vision of health we take inspiration from such health care leaders as Dr. Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Institute), Dr. Gabriel Cousens (Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center), Dr. Dean Ornish (Preventative Medicine Research Institute) and the Weimar Center of Health and Education, to name just a few.

The practice and teachings of yoga and meditation will be a cornerstone of what is offered at the retreat, including an understanding of the various aspects of yoga and the means to develop practical, easy-to-use patterns to apply to one’s life. To be frank, what value is it to learn something that we then cannot use when we return to our every day life? The teachings of yoga can be applicable to every aspect of life – how we sleep, how we eat, how we problem-solve, how we interact with others and our environment, how we handle stress and the daily tests of life. The teachings are universally applicable and wonderfully effective when properly understood and put into practice.

That being said, we know that everyone’s life is unique and needs to be understood in their own right. The goal of the Triunfo Health and Yoga Retreat is to provide these life enhancing tools and to do so in a loving, compassionate environment that honors the divinity and unique challenges of all who come our way.


1. Business investors interested in developing the retreat.

2. Medical practitioners to develop the health aspect of the retreat.

3. Yoga instructors and therapists to develop the yoga and meditation aspect of the retreat.

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